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Monthly Archives: July 2013

    Ft. Collins real estate update 7/29

    By Lauren Koprowski | July 29, 2013

    We had an extremely busy weekend at our Open Houses: 1320 W. Magnolia was very busy from 11-1pm and 519 W. Mountain Avenue was the busiest open house we have ever hosted! We find that Open Houses are a great way to get traffic into a Seller’s home, to get feedback from prospective buyers about... Read More

    Five Ways Mortgage Market is Becoming More Flexible

    By Emily Heinz | July 22, 2013

    POSTED:   07/21/2013 12:01:00 AM MDT By Marilyn Kalfus The Orange County Register The easy credit that crashed the housing market led to lending standards so strict that Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke blamed them for hurting the recovery. In recent months, however, lenders have relaxed their grip somewhat as the market has rebounded... Read More

    Ft. Collins real estate update 7/22

    By Lauren Koprowski | July 22, 2013

    This week was busy with new listings! We just put up 519 W. Mountain Avenue, for $789,000.00. We are very excited about this home, as it is a beautiful Victorian Lady, set on an 11,000 square foot lot. The lot size is big enough to allow for an additional dwelling, according to the City of... Read More

    Ft. Collins real estate update 7/15

    By Lauren Koprowski | July 15, 2013

    This week in Old Town Real Estate, the market has seemed to cool off a bit. Interest rates were on the rise but have started to head back down, which is good news.  We are listing two houses this week, 1815 Mulberry, listed at $265,000.00 and 519 Mountain Avenue, listed at $789,000.00. It has been... Read More

    Don’t Let Credit Checks Derail Buyers

    By Emily Heinz | July 11, 2013

    Don’t Let Credit Checks Derail Buyers DAILY REAL ESTATE NEWS | MONDAY, JULY 08, 2013 Buyers may want to purchase furniture to outfit their new home prior to closing. But if they’re not careful, they could cause delays in closing or even lose their home loan. Since 2010, mortgage giant Fannie Mae has mandated that... Read More

    Ft. Collins real estate update 7/8

    By Lauren Koprowski | July 9, 2013

    Buyers were out in full force this holiday weekend especially in the $300k & under price ranges. We sold 4 houses this past week alone so it’s good to see the activity despite rates have increased again. The biggest change from the past few weeks & months is that there were not competing offers on... Read More

    Common Home Inspection Issues

    By Emily Heinz | July 1, 2013

    Here are some common home inspection issues that general home inspections bring to light. 1. Plumbing: • Leaking around exposed pipes, particularly with washing machines. • Outdated pipes. It’s common to find old Polybutylene pipes, which your inspector will recommend replacing. 2. Electrical: • Ungrounded outlets. You can recognize these by their two-slot configuration versus... Read More

    Ft. Collins real estate update 7/1

    By Lauren Koprowski | July 1, 2013

    Summertime home sales are in full swing. We hosted two open houses this weekend, one at 331 S. Shields and another at 411 E. Elizabeth. Both had at least five groups of people go through, and all of the folks who came through were positive about the house features and the prices of the homes. ... Read More