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Old Town and Fort Collins March Values Compared to 2016

The average home sale price for March 2017 in the Old Town East / West neighborhoods was $453,000 and the price point for 2016 was $428,000.

The rest of Fort Collins, (excluding the East / West Old Town neighborhoods) puts the average sale price at $405,000 with a median price of $385,000 for March 2017. This same time last year shows this area had an average sales price of $382,000 and a median price of $360,000.

How does this compare to Fort Collins overall? March of 2017, the average sale price for the City was 185 sales with an average of $411,000 and a median price of $390,000. This time last year, all of Fort Collins was averaging $402,000 and the median price was $369,000.

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