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Seasonal Slow Down: October 2017, Old Town Market Update

Seasonal Slow Down: October 2017, Old Town Market Update

It’s upon us: the Seasonal Slow Down. This is the time of year that it’s really great to be a buyer, the values of homes tend to dip a bit more, and the amount of buyers is less, which means less competition. Here’s some data to support the slow down.

The average home sale price in October, 2017 was $552,000.00.

Here is the YTD data:

October:       10 sales     Avg Price: $552,000

September: 14 sales      Avg Price: $494,000

August:        20 sales      Avg Price: $529,000

July:             21 Sales       Avg Price: $467,000

June:            18 Sales      Avg Price: $465,000

May:             13 Sales      Avg Price: $473,000

March:          17 Sales     Avg Price: $434,000

February:     13 Sales     Avg Price: $457,000

January:      11 Sales      Avg Price: $564,000

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