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Tips when selling your home

  • Availability: Making your home accessible for showings is critical. Most buyers view homes on evenings and weekends which may be inconvenient for sellers but being flexible for showings will increase the likelihood of your home selling. If buyers cannot get into your home to see it, how is it going to sell?  Remove Pets for showings: Pets can be a distraction when buyers are trying to view a home during a showing. If you cannot remove them for showings, placing them in a crate, outside, or in a specific room in the house is also an option.
  • De-clutter: It is easy to accumulate items over the years and a cluttered home may make it difficult for the buyers to visualize the space. If you receive an offer you will have to start packing anyway, why not start a little early? Put things in storage or organize boxes in the basement or in the garage.
  • Clean, clean, clean: A clean home really does make a difference when it comes to showing your home. Make sure to thoroughly clean your home including the bathrooms, windows, and flooring throughout. Once your home is clean, maintaining it day to day for showings will be easier. Clean the house early in the day or the night before to be prepared for showings by making the beds, cleaning dirty dishes in the sink, putting away items from the day before, and taking out the trash.
  • De-personalize: Having too many family photos or other personal items in a home during showings may be a barrier when buyers try to envision themselves living in it.
  • Stage: Consulting with a stager about appropriate decor, paint colors, and furniture can certainly improve your home’s presentation during showings and possibly help it sell more quickly especially if it is a vacant property.
  • Curb appeal: A fresh coat of paint on the front door, a new front door and hardware, or a new porch light will stand out to buyers since these are the first things they see when they approach the home. Keeping the yard maintained and free of weeds is also important.
  • Light: Buyers need light whether it is day or night so make sure blinds and curtains are open during the day and all light bulbs have been replaced inside and outside for evening showings.
  • Scents: Smells in a home can impact showings in a positive or negative way. If you have pets, keep areas they frequent clean including litter boxes. Overpowering air fresheners can be distracting and buyers may wonder if the seller is trying to mask another odor. If you like candles, use caution since they can start a fire. Baking cookies before a showing not only makes the home smell nice but offers a treat to buyers viewing your home.

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